Playing Shadows Photography is the work of Michel Anderson

Light-Thief-Shadow-Collector | Wacky Word Writer | Make-Believe Artist | Armchair Occultist | Desperate Psychonaut | Junkyard Engineer | Rainbow Chaser | Dream Catcher | Heathen Fire Worshiper | Funhouse Mirror Gazer | Adamant Moonbather | Morning Star Seeker | Old Bone Collector | Benevolent Mischief Maker

And here's some less cryptic information about me. . . .
I've lived and traveled throughout the USA, Western & Central Europe, and Southeast Asia, and I'm currently based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I've widely exhibited my photography and mix-media artwork and hold a BA in Visual Art & Photography from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. My work is owned by various art collectors and prints are available for purchase. Please contact me for details. Additionally, you can follow me on Instagram: @playingshadows.  Also be sure to check out the amazing oil paintings of my amazing spouse, Emily Uchytil (pictured above).

In addition to photography, my interests include folk art, mythology, avant-garde music, esoteric philosophy, radical education, and permaculture. I have a Master's Degree in Sustainability & Nature-based Education from Antioch University New England and currently work as the Ecoliteracy & Engagement Manager at Blue Water Baltimore, an awesome non-profit focused on cleaning urban waterways and social justice.

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